Welcome to TaeguTec India

TaeguTec is considered the most preferred tooling partner in the industry and by our customers for improving productivity and cost efficiency in the shop floor. Headquartered in Daegu, South Korea, TaeguTec is a leading supplier of modern machining solutions, to a wide variety of industries such as automotive, mold and die, aerospace, power generation and many others

Our Products Range

Drill Rush

Quick Change System: The innovative clamping mechanism with special key enables head indexing

Mill Rush

Super high positive insert with 3 cutting edges, Next generation helical insert to exceed your productivity

Quad Rush

4 edges with a J type chipformer -Excellent chip control and high quality surface finish grooving

Turn Rush

Low cutting forces and an optimized chipbreaker suitable for semi heavy machining


We at TaeguTec India have never lost focus on doing the right things, at any time of our decade-and-a-half years of existence. Our road to a leading position in the industry is paved with exemplary Sustainability initiative in order to be able to make and keep this world a safe and sustainable haven for our generations to come…