Managing Directors Message

Dear Customer

Recycling and Conservation

We have always cherished the privilege of being your important supplier for cutting tools.Your constant support and encouragement have helped us to bring in new products and service offer, in indian markets.

It has been our constant endeavor to be a responsible supplier in the country using only the best practices available within the industry.

Rapid growth of global markets and increasing consumption is putting a big pressure on availability of raw materials.

As a responsible company, we are committed to conserve the raw materials in all possible way.

We are continuously redesigning tools to consume lesser materials, so that wastage can be minimised.

Recycle Bin

We have a new initiative for the environmentally conscious users. If you desire to ensure that used carbide is disposed off responsibly in an environment friendly way, we could help.

We will provide a Recycle Bin, free of cost. Kindly collect used Tungsten Carbide inserts in this.

periodically you may send back the Recycle Bin with the scrap, duly sealed. Together, we will find a secure and economical way of reaching this to us. We will, in turn, redirect them to a Global central collection point for recycling and recovery of useful metals.

We are confident, our responsible actions will help the world to conserve precious metals that are depleting.

Thanks for your support. If you require any further help or information, please feel free to contact us.


L Krishnan
Managing Director


Recycle Bin

Rapid industrialisation has led to increased consumption of many natural resources. Tungsten Carbide products also use many of these resources. Tungsten and Cobalt, to name a few. There is a great need to conserve these depleting natural resources. As a responsible company. TaeguTec is committed to conserve all natural resources in all possible way, so that depletion can be minimised.

A new initiative is in place, for the environmentally conscious users. Used Tungsten Carbide products can be disposed off responsibly in an environment friendly way, by making use of the Recycle Bin, provided free of cost to customers who desire to participate in this conservation programme.

Periodically, these Recycle Bin with the scrap, duly sealed, are collected and sent to a Global central collection point for recycling and recovery of useful precious metals that are depleting at a fast rate.



Industrialisation for the comfort of modern society is as inevitable as it is necessary. Machining industry, worldwide, is also responsible for employing a huge workforce whose safety needs to be addressed. TaeguTec is concerned for safety and urges everyone to observe and follow safety precations wherever applicable.

A new safety instruction booklet is available with the company, for free distribution and to spread awareness among the workforce within the industry.

TaeguTec hopes, by following these safety tips the shop floors will be a better place for work and to increase productivity.

Among Various safety tips, TaeguTec advocated usage of appropriate face-masks, ear-plugs, safety goggles, hand-gloves, dust-mask etc.

Above all, while machining, machine and tool manufacturers' safety guidance, must be followed.