Ethics & Compliance


TaeguTec is committed to the highest standards of business conduct and ethics. Our reputation as a leading tooling group (IMC) and our joining to the Berkshire Hathaway Group (BRK) are testimony and reinforcement of our uncompromising vision of success embodied in the ideals of integrity as much as innovation. Our chosen values – Trust; Ethics & Social Responsibility; Collaboration; Performance Excellence; Innovation and Caring for People – are meant to remind us constantly that any deviation from ethical and moral standards is never an option at TaeguTec.

Our competitive advantage, by which we gain enduring appreciation and sustained preference of our customers, is the result of continuous efforts, hard work and persistent pursuit of success by ALL Our stakeholders. We depend on each other to conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner at all times. If any corrupt practices or illegal behavior are observed around, anyone is free – in fact duty-bound – to report it to a supervisor or HR or any one of the names mentioned below.

Following are some examples of reasons that one is encouraged to speak up against

  • Bribery
  • Gifts, entertainment or other favors to gain improper influence
  • Price fixing, bid rigging or sharing of sensitive information with competitors
  • Environmental protection breaches
  • Trading with countries, companies or individuals in violation of U.S. sanctions
  • Conflicts of interest created when personal dealings interfere with obligations to the company
  • Misrepresentations to customers or suppliers
  • Fraud, theft or misuse of company assets
  • Discrimination or harassment based on race, ethnicity, religion or gender
  • Bullying or abusive behavior
  • Retaliation for reporting an integrity concern

To report violation of business conduct or ethics code In TaeguTec India, you can reach out to any of the below names

  • Mr. Atul Tilve
  • Mr. Gautam B. A
  • Mr. N. Ramesh
  • Mr. Rakesh Arakere
  • Mr. Mukund Kulkarni
  • Mr. N. V. Kadloor
  • Mr. Ravishankar K S
  • Mr. Muralikrishna S

And the in the wake of a situation wherein you are comfortable with none of the above, you may feel free to reach the Managing Director, Mr. L.Krishnan.

No employee/stakeholder will be retaliated against for reporting legitimate legal or ethical violations to the company.