Exhibitions & Seminars

TaeguTraining is a comprehensive training program designed to keep you updated in technology and efficient use of your cutting tools, at all levels. Although cutting tool contributes to only a minuscule 2% of manufacturing cost, appropriate selection and use can significantly reduce overall manufacturing cost. 60% of our products are less than 3 years old. We bring you the very best in cutting tools. It is critical that we share our learning and implement new technology products at your end.

Level 1

International Training Program, TaeguTec Korea

Learn about the latest breakthrough developments in the cutting tools, learn from global experience of TaeguTec, Korea.

Level 2

Industry specific program

Whatever be your industry, we have a specially developed program to suit your industry needs.

Level 3

Regional seminars

Compact programs in your region aimed at knowledge sharing and cost reductions through best practices in cutting tools.

Level 4

Inplant seminars

We come to your premises, train your machinists to help them understand the basics to the latest in cutting tools.

All these..... free of cost !

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